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NBQP :: Life Member

Life Member


S. No. Sector1 Name Area of interest Location Membership No. Valid Upto
1 Rituraj Bose Any type of Quality Management activities. West Bengal LM/ER/5060 07-04-2027
2 Umesh Kumar Sharma Assessment , audit and consultancy Jharkhand LM/ER/5091 04-05-2027
4 BABAJI PAGIRE Practicing and Guiding Operational Excellence in Organisations. Promoting Quality and Excellence Goa LM/ER/5406 20-12-2027
5 DrAnkita Sood Sharma Quality & Accreditation,Awards ,Auditing,Affiliations Haryana LM/ER/5436 24-01-2028
6 Murli Janardan Sabath Quality in Healthcare, Hospital Planning & Designing Odisha LM/ER/5526 02-04-2028
7 Dr Mary Dcruz Diabetic Educators West Bengal LM/ER/6088 18-09-2028
8 JAMIL AHMED LASKAR Construction in MEP/Oil and gas Construction quality assurance /Quality control Quality/HSE audit Audit. Environemnt. HVAC. Fire fighting. Welding Technology and its quality control Testing and commissioning Assam LM/ER/6121 09-10-2028
9 Dr Narendra Prasad Singh Health care, Educational sector, Vocational education & employability West Bengal LM/ER/6144 22-10-2028
10 satpal singh gill civil construction Odisha LM/ER/6180 30-11-2028

Note : Associate Membership is applicable for the existing members till their validity of membership. It has been upgraded to Full Membership.

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